MoodGenius is a data-driven mood tracker app that helps you understand and manage your moods. Track your moods, then let us crunch the numbers and automatically find trends. Get personalized, actionable insights on your moods.

Master your moods

Taking a curious, data-driven approach to understanding your moods can build emotional intelligence and de-mystify your moods.

Moods can feel completely random, and like they’re out of our control. Some days we’re tired, others we’re irritable, and others even a small setback can bring us to tears. But emotions don’t need to be mysterious: they often follow logical patterns, with correlations to other health and lifestyle factors (source: Harvard Health).

MoodGenius doesn’t give you generic advice to improve your mood, like “sleep more” or “exercise in the morning.” Instead, we invite you to track your moods, then sync them with additional data to reveal your unique patterns and trends. Get personalized tips based on the factors that are most influential over your moods.

How it works

  1. Record your moods and any details about how you’re feeling in the app. We can send you reminders at times that you choose throughout the day.
  2. Discover unique patterns and get personalized tips. Are you more stressed in the mornings or evenings? Do you experience more anxiety when you’ve had more than 1 cup of coffee that day?
  3. Find advanced trends by syncing additional lifestyle data to MoodGenius. For example, you can see how activity levels affect your mood by syncing your FitBit data.

Be an early beta tester

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